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Benefits and side effects of anti-oxidents.

We recommend anti-oxident supplements that are made from food sources. Read More  In depth research of facts and myths of anti-oxidents. Read More



amla Fruit

Amla Ultimate SuperFood -Amla is one of the most important foods in Ayurvedic medicine with an incredible list of health benefits. A whole book could be written on all of the potentially beneficial uses of the Indian gooseberry, also known as amalaki.  Read More

Amla's benefits range from anti-aging to antibacterial. Read More      

                                                                                 AMLA FRUIT

                                                                                 AMLA FRUIT






Be sure and use only organic Cacao. Pesticides are heavily used in non-organically grown Cacao. Unlike processed dark chocolate, anti-oxidents are preserved in raw cacao.  Benefits include longevity according to this excellent article.

Don't go crazy with the Cacao. Read More





Spirilina is another powerhouse superfood.  

Spirilina uses, dosages and side effects. Read More


Why take it? Longevity, vitality and health. Read More  

This superfood is not a new discovery. Read More


Use Chorella to remove mercury.  Read More    

Research proves it, chorella works. Read More  

Chlorella side effects and recommended dosages. Read More