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Christina Coleman

Christina is mother of 4 brilliant beams of sunshine. As a dedicated mother, She is a passionate advocate for a healthier, closer to nature way of life. Detoxification from chemicals in our bodies and the planet is her ministry. Although Christina has always been a tree huger, her unwavering desire to heal stemmed from a need to help her daughter to deal with autism.

Chemicals within our environment that contribute to devastating illnesses such as autism and cancer must be avoided.  We must push for chemicals in our environment to be eliminated. On average, daily, we put 126 chemicals on our bodies and numerous contaminants inside of our bodies. Babies are born pre-polluted with hundreds of chemicals. "Worst of all, there is no governmental agency that protects us and that's not OK!" announces Christina.

In addition to teaching Sustainability K-12, she has counseled thousands on how to prevent illness and ignite the body's natural ability to heal itself. For the sake of our children and future generations, Christina will do all she can to educate, provide supportive resources backed by science, preserve the tranquility of nature and restore our natural resources.

Chemicals that contribute to illnesses and contamination of the planet can be reduced through education that promotes conscious decisions and spending. She has developed powerful and easy systems to eliminate daily chemical exposure. Christina wholeheartedly believes that through conscious decisions we will help ourselves and the planet to be a cleaner and safer place.

Christina promotes an outstanding collaboration of individuals, businesses, practitioners and organizations whom have a passion for humanity and the planet. Backed by science, Christina is a dynamic speaker on a wealth of healing modalities, environmental topics and funding resources. 

Christina's daughter is now thriving and has gone from not being able to sit in a chair for 5 minutes to the top of her academic class. Furthermore, the enthusiasm of watching the profound improvement in her daughter has fueled Christina's  hunger to increase her knowledge in science.  Thus, she is now in her fifth year of pursuing her doctorate in Natural Medicine.

"It is my pleasure to live a life-long dedication to learning, service and philanthropy toward healing humanity and the planet." says Christina.