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EMF Protection

EMF Transformer 8 inch Crystal Bar

8" Computer Crystal Bar for EMF protection

The Vital Force Computer Crystal bar helps compensate for the effects of the electromagnetic energy around these electronic devices.  

Recent studies have shown that energetic pollution from electromagnetic frequencies may have a cumulative, negative effect both in general terms and in particular situations such as with the use of cell phones, computers and other personal electronic devices.

Q:  Where do I put the 8" Crystal Bar?

A:  You can place the computer bar at the base of your monitor, on top of your hard drive and on top of any other electronic device in your home. 

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EMF Crystal

EMF Transformer 3 X 1.25 inch Clear with Gold


Real Science = Real Protection

You can use it on any wireless device…

  • Cell Phones
  • Computers
  • Routers
  • T.V.'s
  • Hand-held Phones

 Safe – Easy to Use – Fits any Phone…

  • Tested in Certified Laboratories
  • 4" X 1.5" Rectangle
  • Black Background with Gold Design

Peace of mind for you and your family.

The EMF Transformer™ protects the Lap Top and Router user in 2 ways: by transforming the electromagnetic field and by maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of the brain waves while you are working on or in close proximity to your lap top or wireless devices.

The EMF Transformer™ can be used on any electronic device.

It counteracts the negative effects of the harmful electromagnetic vibrations emitted by electromagnetic devices.

It has proven able to reduce the electromagnetic energy in the area around the infused transformer by 35%.

Most importantly, it helps to compensate for the "jamming" effect of the ‘energetic viruses’ on the energetic system of the body and produces a healing and regulating effect on the system. 

Q: How do I apply my EMF Transformer Dome ?

A: Before applying your labels follow these guidelines to ensure the best adhesion: Clean the surface with alcohol or solvent* prior to application to ensure the surface is not contaminated. Injection molded and machined parts often have oil residue contaminates. Do not clean with soapy water or cleaners that leave residue. Oils from your hands can contaminate the adhesive on the label. Use firm pressure when applying the labels to increase adhesive contact to the application surface. The adhesive is activated with pressure. To prevent air bubbles under the label press down one edge of the label and move across the label applying firm pressure. Warm temperatures will make the adhesive and dome more pliable, and will increase surface contact when applying to textured surfaces. Adhesive cures quicker in warm environments.

Q: Can I reapply my EMF Transformer to a new device?

A: Yes, the Transformer can be carefully removed and reused on your new device, following the Application Guideline above.

Q: What do I use these products for?

A: The EMF Transformer products can be used on any electronic device you own. The larger the device the more you need to use. For a cell phone use one transformer label. For a laptop use two of the transformers. For a wireless router use one of the large transformer. We place the crystal bars at the base of our computer monitors. They can also be placed on top of hard drives, television sets or any other electronic device.

Q: What is the difference between the three different products?

A: All three of the products are infused with the same transforming energy.

Q: Where does it go?

A: The transformer labels can be placed anywhere on a device as long as they do not cover the cooling vents.

Q: Does it interrupt my service?

A: None of our EMF Transformer products interrupt your service or cut down on your reception in any way. Our products work on the energetic effects of the modulated electromagnetic frequencies on the brain and body.