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Green Dream Drink & Beet Treat Smoothie

Great Recipes for Detoxification, Incredible Nutrition and Anti-Oxidents. Easy to Make, Freeze and Enjoy.

Green Dream Juicing Recipe

I juice the lemons and ginger first and separate the juice. Cut all ingredients in small pieces. Balance the greens to the more liquid ingredients. I find this is just right for the amount of greens I am using. 

Once everything is juiced, I add the lemon and ginger according the level of sour and spice I like. I freeze the remainder in glass jars leaving room for expansion. I thaw it in the refrigerator.

Use Organic Ingredients.

5 Lemons

5 Green Apples

5 Cucumbers

Ginger to taste. 

2 big bunches of Kale or Greens of your choice.

2 bunched of cilantro

1 bunch of parsley.


Beet Treat


Use Organic Ingredients

Beets and Oranges

2 or 3 oranges to 1 medium size beet root.

Peel the Beet and cut it into small chunks

Peel the oranges and remove excess strings.

Blend until smooth. It takes two or three times to get it really smooth.  This ratio produces the consistency of apple sauce.

If you want to drink it like a smoothie, add more oranges or juice. Add a little stevia or natural sweetener to your taste if it is not sweet enough.


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