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Super Supplements



Astaxanthin provides a broad spectrum of benefits. Read More                                                                                                                                  The Little-Known Miracle Nutrient for Inflammation, Anti-Aging, and Athletic Endurance. Read More
Astaxanthin Uses, Interactions and Warnings. Read More


Maybe helpful with memory and dementia. Read More                                                                                                                           Phosphtidylcholine has a wide range of benefits. Read More                                                                                                                     Phosphitidylcholine can benefit the Liver and Heart. Read More


Boost memory, regulates blood sugar, rejuvenates brain cells and increases longevity. Read More                                                                           

A powerful antioxidant, good for heart health and possibly Alzheimers Disease. Read More                                                                                     

A review by the US Library of Medicine. Read More


Studies have shown Alpha Lipoic Acid help with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Read More                                                                            

This powerful antioxidant is in every cell of the body. In several studies it appears to lower blood sugar. Read More                                      

Alpha Lipoic Acid offer help for failing livers, increases levels of glutathione, aids suppression and  immune function to name a few of this wonder supplements benefits. Read More  


Triphala promotes digestive regularity and elimination. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. Read More                            

Triphala benefits, uses and side effects. Read More 

Triphala eases inflammation and boosts immunity. It is a wonderful detoxifier for the liver. Read More


The ginsenosides found in Korean Ginseng enhances memory and improves cognitive abilities. Read More

Top five health benefits of Korean Ginseng.

Benefits, side effects and uses. Read More


Natural support for sleep, mood and weight. Read More

A natural supplement for soothing anxiety. Read More

L-Theanine uses and safety. Read More



What you need to know about Cascara Sagrada.      Read More

Uses, benefits and side effects. Read More

A powerful, yet gentle aid to constipation. Read More

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Stunning research on Vitamin D3 preventing and even treating cancer. Read More

Vitamin D3 may be the silver bullet for preventing cancer. Recommended dosages chart. Read More

Vitamin D3 uses and side effects. Read More


Can Ginkgo Biloba prevent Alzheimers? Read More

Top five benefits of Ginkgo Biloba. Read More  

The Mayo Clinic weighs in on Ginkgo Biloba. Read More


It is a powerful aid for digestion. Read More  

Stomach acid is good for you. If you have IBS or digestion issues, you may be lacking stomach acid. Read More

Uses, side effects and dosages. Do not take if you are taking anti-inflammatories. Read More