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Tammy Allen


Tammy Allen an abstract artist, singer/songwriter and the Founder of 2050 Club. The organization teaches how to become a Level 2 Human, accelerate your personal experience and contribute to the evolution of our species.  She produced an animation music video for “This Is Our Time”, one of the songs of the music project.  The animation characters begin in 2D, but they become 3D superheroes when they receive inner inspiration. The team is working on a movie script and garnering support for a crowd funding campaign in the fall of 2015. Visit to experience her Art & Music. Visit to learn more about the evolution revolution.



I was inspired to compete in Fitness Competitions in 1990 after seeing them air on ESPN. Her plan was to compete to her own original music. After one year of training, she was ready. Nothing like a competition to keep you motivated. She learned a great deal about training, and diet. I kept the training going until she opened her music studio and spent hours and hours working at the computer.

I experienced extreme neck, shoulder and back pain as a result of heavy weight lifting, not continuing to train and from years of sitting improperly at the computer. Several times I could not walk, and I was in constant pain. The orthopedic doctor did not help, nor did physical therapy. I had some success with a chiropractor, but I was not addressing the core issue, SCAR TISSUE. I refused to accept that this was my fate. I began to do research on YouTube and the Internet. My first real relief came from dry needling. It was painful, but I finally got results. Major trigger points were keeping my muscles in a spasm and keeping me in constant pain. It was a long journey, but I found a medical massage therapist near my home to break up the scar tissue. I also had to incorporate self-massage to realize a full recovery. I am back to training and I am very aware of correct posture, especially when sitting at the computer, Never accept that it is just aging, or arthritis. You have inflammation and scar tissue. You must break it up, stretch and build new muscle, safely.  Address the inflammation with detoxification, build back up your immune system and your body will recover if that is your fervent desire.

I hope my journey will encourage you to make every effort. I will certainly share all the information that helped me. We all deserve to thrive.


 Tammy Allen 

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